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Nixies & VFD : the begining of the calculator age, from the middle 60´s to the late 70´s.
Pockets: from the first programming calculators to last BASIC enabled pockets.
Graphing Casio : the graphing calculator series, from the very first FX-7000g to the last Prizm.
Other FX series : LCD non programming and non graphing fx series.
Other series : the rest of the production, quartz, musicals, dual leafs,...
Miscelaneous : presentation of other machines. There are not only Casio calculators !

The site lists the machines by series including clones made by other manufacturers,

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Manual, documentation.

For other brands search the epopy website

My personal link on ebay

Peter's dedicated site on fx-502p (hosted on ledudu.com).

Gilles's dedicated site on fx-602p hosted on casio.ledudu.com

Huge work made by Marcus and available for us : the BASIC Comparison Sheet.
BASIC Comparison Sheet

The calculatrices.org site

The planet of casio graphing calculators.

On casio-calculator.com : an amazing site on Casio calculators. An absolute must.

A very interesting website presenting IMSL software for exchanging data between PCs and handheld digital devices such as electronic organizers, PDAs and digital cameras (including Casio devices of course).

An interesting website about retrogaming with explained programs and a News section announcing main world events and presenting other related websites.

An interesting website on earlier calculators : decode.systems.com

A super multi-brand site on pocket computers with detailed records .

The S.U.P.E.R. HPLX website

Professor Cuthbert Calculus (French: Professeur Tryphon Tournesol) and a CASIO PB-100.

Thanks Chrystelle

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