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22/09/2020: FX-9000p
 Download of the whole document
15/09/2020: Acquisitions: buying or giftMBO Programmer (Germany)
09/09/2020: AMSTRAD NC-200
07/09/2020: Pro fx-1
06/09/2020: FP-40
05/09/2020: Acquisitions: buying or giftCASIO FP-1030 (Japan - Rinkya)
05/09/2020: FP-1030
04/09/2020: GRAPH-65 2
01/09/2020: ES-300U Find-it on -
31/08/2020: Acquisitions: buying or giftCASIO fx-82C (France)
18/08/2020: Acquisitions: buying or giftCASIO fx-820MS (Etats-unis Pahrump Nevada)
14/08/2020: fx-9860g Slim
12/08/2020: Acquisitions: buying or giftCASIO fx-300SA (USA Newport News Virginia)
12/08/2020: fx-115W Plus Find-it on -
11/08/2020: FP-1100
11/08/2020: LC-79
11/08/2020: FA-10
11/08/2020: CASIO FP-200
 Download of the manual in english

 Download of the manual in french (
11/08/2020: PB-400
10/08/2020: FP-1011PL
10/08/2020: CASIO FP-200
 Read the FP-200 summary published in french publication "Ordinateur individuel" n°43 (Thanks woodstock).
 A tape of programs posted by Marcus

 A second tape of programs posted by Marcus
09/08/2020: FP-1011PL

 Download of the manual in english
09/08/2020: CASIO FP-200
02/08/2020: JL-210
01/08/2020: fx-82ES Plus we Find-it on -
01/08/2020: fx-50FH
01/08/2020: WM-220T
01/08/2020: HL-820VER
31/07/2020: SF-4600BX Boss Find-it on -
31/07/2020: DI-2700 Find-it on -
31/07/2020: PF-5200
31/07/2020: DC-5000K
31/07/2020: QD-900
31/07/2020: TV-430
31/07/2020: SF-4600BX
31/07/2020: DC-700
31/07/2020: BF-700
31/07/2020: fx-350ES Plus
31/07/2020: PB-110
30/07/2020: GSHOCK GWR-B1000HJ Find-it on -
30/07/2020: QL-10
30/07/2020: fx-17
30/07/2020: MQ-5
29/07/2020: fx-570SP X II Iberia_ARR Find-it on -

 Poster by Ana Galvañ

 Angela Ruiz Robles on

 Angela Ruiz Robles on wikipedia
29/07/2020: fx-991SP X II Iberia_KJ

 Poster by Rita cortes

 Mathematician Katherine Johnson on wikipedia
29/07/2020: fx-85SP X II Iberia_HI

 Philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician Hipatia on wikipedia
29/07/2020: Women in science - Classwiz
29/07/2020: FP-50
28/07/2020: fx-991SP X II Iberia_KJ Find-it on -

 Katherine Johnson on
28/07/2020: FX-82SP X II Iberia_MC

 Physicist Marie Curie on Wikipedia
28/07/2020: fx-85SPX II Iberia_SG

 Sophie Germain on

 Mathematician, physicist, and philosopher Sophie Germain on Wikipedia
28/07/2020: fx-991SP X II Iberia_JW

 Jess Wade on

 Physicist Jess Wade on Wikipedia
28/07/2020: fx-991 SP X II Iberia_MC

 Physicist Marie Curie on Wikipedia